2nd China Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium

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Tuesday, 3rd June 2014

2nd-logo-1Opening addresses:

Welcoming by Hallgrímur Jónasson, Director, RANNIS, 00:55
Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland, 09:19
Chen Laiping, Councelor, Embassy of China in Iceland, 27:18
Marit Lillealtern, chargé d'affaires, Embassy of Norway, 38:46
Anton Vasiliev, Embassy of the Russian Federation in Iceland, 42:12

2nd-logo-2Invited presentations:

Zhang Haisheng, Second Institute of Oceanography of China & Huigen Yang, Polar Research Institute of China "An overview of China's Arctic Research" 04:56
Steingrímur Jónsson, University of Akureyri "Freshwater in the Arctic Ocean and its impact on climate in the sub-polar North Atlantic" 40:04
Halldór Jóhannsson, Arctic Portal "Increased knowledge and improved efficiency in information exchange - the future of transportation and infrastructure developments in the Arctic" 55:09
Leiv Lunde, Fridtjof Nansen Institute "CNARC's first book project: Arctic policies of Nordic countries - relevance to China" 1:13:56
Chen Haibo, Shanghai Yipinghui Culture Development - video presentation "Midnight Sunshine: A Chinese artists' exploration to the Arctic" 1:24:34
Panel discussion Q&A 1:32:30

2nd-logo-3Session I part 1: Arctic Policies and Governance:

Leiv Lunde, Fridtjof Nansen Institute: "Who will be the big Arctic players by 2030 - economic and environmental footprints of old and new Arctic stakeholders" 00:55
Yang Jian, Shanghai Institute for International Studies: "Extra-regional factors and China's Arctic policy" 17:22
Valur Ingimundarson, University of Iceland: "Framing the national interest: The use of the Arctic in Iceland's foreign and domestic policies" 30:37
Guo Peiqing, Ocean University of China: "The Nordic-China Arctic cooperation: Benefit and challenge for Nordic countries" 53:19
Panel discussion Q&A 1:09:50

2nd-logo-4Session I part 2: Arctic Policies and Governance:

Geir Helgesen, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies: "The relevance of closer international cooperation in the social sciences with regards to the Arctic and the outside world" 01:04
Yu Hongyuan, Shanghai Institute of International Studies: "Science and international governance: Polar scientific organizations and agenda-setting in Arctic 13:10
Rasmus Gjedssö Bertelsen, Aalborg University: "Conceptualizing the Chinese dream, a historical approach from hard power to soft power: the case of science diplomacy in the Arctic"33:37
Magnús Björnsson, The Nortern Lights Confusius Institute: "The Northern Lights Confusius Institute and Iceland 50:15
Panel discussion Q&A 1:07:48

Wednesday, 4th June 2014

2nd-logo-5Session I part 3: Arctic Policies and Governance:

Uffe Jakobsen, University of Copenhagen: "Building regional governance capacity in the Arctic. Asian impact on the development of the Arctic Council into a strong regional decision-making organisation" 00:00
Njord Wegge, Fidtjof Nansen Institute: "China's Arctic diplomacy" 16:45
Deng Beixi, Polar Research Institute of China: "Reconstruction of Arctic identity under the perspective of critical geopolitics" 34:49
Markku Heikkilä, Arctic Centre: "Promoting journalist networks, cross-border news and regional identity building in the Arctic case: Barents Mediasphere Project" 51:55
Panel discussion Q&A 1:08:07

2nd-logo-6Session II part 1: Arctic Policies and Economy:

Zhang Xia, Polar Research Institute of China: "From mandatory icebreaker guiding to permit regime: Changes about Northern Sea route in the new Russian laws"  00:00
Hera Grímsdóttir, Reykjavik University: "The DMA Project - Requirement analysis for a strategic decision model for the Arctic" 15:25
Shou Jianmin, Shanghai Maritime University: "A study on container transportation potential through NSR on the basis of shipping cost" 30:13
Bianca Tiantian Zhang, University of Iceland: "A systematic analysis of Iceland's viability as a new Arctic marine transport hub" 47:53
Panel discussion Q&A 1:01:54

2nd-logo-7Session II part 2: Arctic Policies and Economy:

Anders Oskal, International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry: "The new global Arctic economy and local resilience to rapid change" 00:00
He Shufeng, Shanghai Ocean University: "Arctic gas exploration and world gas trade" 16:22
Marc Lanteigne, Victoria University of Wellington: "Economics and institutions in China's Arctic policies" 33:15
Su Ping, Tongji University: "Economic risks of Arctic exploitation and its effect to Chinese Arctic strategy" 48:17
Iselin Stensdal, Fridtjof Nansen institute: "Mining the Arctic - Asian interest and opportunities" 1:00:18
Panel discussion Q&A 1:17:10

2nd-logo8Session III: Arctic Policies and Maritime Cooperation:

Helgi Gestsson, University of Akureyri: "The importance of fish-markets for the Icelandic value chain of demersal fish"
Zou Leilei, Shanghai Ocean University: "A comparison between Arctic and Antarctic fisheries management"
Hreiðar Þór Valtýsson, University of Akureyri: "The future growth of Arctic fisheries"
Tom Barry, Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna: "The economic necessity of mainstreaming biodiversity objectives"
Rachael Lorna Johnstone, University of Akureyri: "Rights to defend the Arctic Ocean"

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